Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Several Topics One Post

I'm getting lazy or something. So I'm going to do another list topic post.

1. Cancer
       It seems as if everyone here is afraid of getting cancer. They stand way back from the crosswalk in the shade to prevent skin cancer. I've heard that eating crispy/burnt meat will cause cancer. I've heard that taking a pill-like Tylenol- without food in your stomach will give you cancer

2. Staring
       I was defintely not expecting this one. We get stared at for 3 reasons. And I think it bothers Mr. Groom more than it bothers me. I tend to think- if they want to stare lets give them a show. But he is the opposite. It must bother me some or I would not be blogging about it. Everyone stares at us because we are white. Especially the little kids. We get stared at even more when we wear sunglasses. Maybe they think the sunglassses keep us from seeing the stares. We get stared at a ton when we hold hands. PDA is very limited here, unless it is between two female friends, or two drunk busineness men. Our friend A and I can walk down the street  holding hands with no staring. I take that back, we could if we were both Asian. The fact that I'm not Asian causes us some stares

3. I could never ever drive a car here. Even if I could read the signs. People don't look. Drivers don't look, don't care if you're walking or if you have the green signal. They don't look when they turn and another car is there. I've seen so many almost accidents. Pedestrians don't look either. They just run across the road.

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