Tuesday, 8 June 2010

D is for Delicious

I feel like I've been complaining a lot about the food I've been eating, so I thought I'd take a moment and highlight a few of the delicious things I've tried here, as well as my standard favorites.

Since being here I've had a few things that I've really enjoyed.

The first was at a restaurant where the food grilled in front of us. We had pork pieces, that we took and wrapped in lettuce, and topped with bean paste and onions. Mmmm Oh, and it was served with a very yummy egg souffle.

The second was a soup. It had meat stuffed dumplings and veggies in it and it was very good.

The third was grilled/smoked duck. It was at a restuarant similar to the first and served with a (eww gross) cold bones intact fish and some version of kimchi. But the duck was very enjoyable.

My fourth favorite thing:

Of course its a sweet. Mr. Groom brought these home from work for me. They have dough on the outside, chocolate and a nut on the inside (I say pecan, he says walnut, he's probably right.). And they're best when chilled.

At home?

I love love love my veggies- especially the homegrown ones like corn on the cob, tomatoes, and okra. I also loved butterbeans cooked with bacon. With them I love crumbly cheese biscuits. I also love cheeses, shrimp and grits, mushroom green pepper bacon pineapple pizza. Yum

My favorite ice cream would have to be anything with chocolate-unless its Butter Pecan. And I don't like plain chocolate. I tend to lean towards moose tracks, reeses, and rocky road.

Drink? Water

Alcoholic Drink? This is tough. I love red wine, I don't love the headaches it gives me. I love rum and pineapple, hot chocolate with brandy, homemade lemonade and vodka, bahama mama's, pina coladas, daiquris and mudslides. Basically, when it comes to alcholic beverages I defintely drink too many calories.

Dessert? This is a killer. I love cookies. I love icecream. I'm not a big cake person- unless its homemade or I made it. Because I love to make cupcakes. So basically, the answer here should be anything with chocolate. (As you couldn't tell from my blog title I love chocolate)


  1. this post made me so hungry! homegrown veggies are the best! and cookies/ice cream. oh my. i think i could eat that every day!

  2. me too! thanks for stopping by!


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