Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Grocery Shopping Today

I bought:

ham, cheese and bread for sandwiches
green and red peppers for sandwiches and scrambled eggs (basically the only unexpensive fresh veggie- oh baby tomatoes seem decently priced too but I didn't want to carry them)
hot dog weenies- to sautee with the peppers....mmm
bananas- for snacks and to put in our almond flake kelloggs
bugle potato chips- i think, i hope....I have a hard enough time finding these babies at home

I priced pancakes and I think it'll cost close to $20  batch, which is insane in my opinion. I looked at spaghetti stuff but due to lack of fridge space decided to wait, it'll probably cost me $6 for a few meals worth of spaghetti which isn't bad at all. And I found spaghetti sauce but I think I will spruce it up with some fresh peppers.  Oh and I priced frozen corndogs today- 3  corndogs for over $4. Yikes. I miss America and our excess of corndogs. I don't even eat corn dogs very often.

Now I have to learn how to operate the stove top. Pictures would be more helpful words, but I'm a big girl and trial and error is my friend. As long as the errors aren't too big. Oh- and another thing to keep in mind is that if I have to much- the leftovers have to be reheated on the stovetop- slightly scary but doable.

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