Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cleaning in Korea


I've done a lot of cleaning this week.

I sweep several times a week anyway, but I think I defintely swept twice as much this week. We have hardwood floors and I shed like an eighty pound long haired dog with a balding problem, so if I don't sweep every other day then it starts to look like we have carpet. Yeah, it gets that ick. There are two problems I have with sweeping. One is a local problem: The only brooms we have are half the size of regular brooms. And thats the only kind of broom I've seen here. Shopkeepers and street sweepers sweep with half brooms. I don't understand why. I mean, there are tons of skyscrapers and cellphone stores- can't someone here make a full size broom? The second problem I have is more personal. As I sweep, my hair falls out. So its like theres no end to the chore. So I just sweep until I reach the point where I just give up. PS: I registered for a pet hair vaccum and we don't have any pets.  And I want it really bad.

At the beginning of the week I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the water dispenser. I started to clean the bathroom until I realized Mr. Groom had beat me to it. And after he came home from work, I thanked him and he said something along the lines of "Man these kitchen floors need some work". How's that for a hint?

So Wednesday I got in there and swept twice and then scrubbed the hard woods in the kitchen with a dishrag, swept the living/bed room and spot scrubbed that room since it wasn't as dirty. After  everything dried I had to sweep again. Bleh.

So now all I have left to do this week is clear the clutter off the coffe table and the suitcases and do laundry. There isn't much room to store the clutter so I'll either just end up rearranging it or stuffing it int a suitcase until its time to head home. As for the laundry, I alternate between washing towels one week and sheets the next because the washer takes almost two hours and we don't have enough space to hang up both towels and sheets and our clothes at the same time. And I'm too lazy to do laundry more than once a week. Unless its an emergency. Oh how I miss America-where even if you dont have a dryer you probably have somewhere to string a clothesline.

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  1. I don't know what I'd do without my dryer, hanging up clothes takes forever! And as for the shedding, its why I have short hair. I got tired of pulling handfuls of hair out of drains all the time.


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