Friday, 2 July 2010

A lot of people don't know...

That I would love  to own a bakeshop/cupcakery.


I know I'm not talented enough to be the main baker-even after some classes I just don't think I have the coordination to be able to efficently produce enough treats or ice them properly. But I've got a fabulous idea for  a cupcake shop/bakery. I've got the name worked out, some flavors tested and half of a business plan written. What can I say, I'm a marketing minor with a sweet spot for cupcakes.

Mr. Groom's even suggested I think hard about opening a shop. But he's never really seen me bake-hes only tasted the results. I'd love to be the one who owns the shop, tests out recipes and handles the management and the marketing. Heck, I wouldn't even mind being the lady behind the counter doling out the goods,  but I'm not sure I'd enjoy- or could make the shop profitable if I were the one doing all of the baking. But I am considering taking decorating classses and maybe a few baking lessons to see just how good I could get.

Its definitley something I want to put a lot of thought into a few years down the road. I'm also considering opening an Etsy shop as a test run- once I have my own kitchen!

Another post inspired by a Mama Kat assignment.


  1. give it a go! do take a couple of classes before you open up shop :)

  2. Maybe you need to have the type of business where you hire people with disabilities or people who've completed rehab, people who need skills and jobs and a sense of community and purpose? They could do the part that you're not as enamored of, you contribute to society and to their individual lives, there may be grants available to help get started, you can tinker and experiment with flavors to your heart's content ... ?

  3. If this really is your dream you should totally do it...I think the hardest part is starting. If it's in you, you will make it happen!!

  4. I cannot decorate worth a damn, but I bake fabulously. I used to sell baked goods on the side out of my own kitchen to coworkers and friends. This is something I have wanted to do as well. There is a place in Asheville that is themed cupcakes and champagne....which sounds absolutely perfect to me. I wish I could open that here in germany...they have fabulous bread and streusal, but i have yet to see a decent cupcake or cinnamon roll here...


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