Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wedding Inspiration Search

Since I'm spending my summer in South Korea I can't actually DO a lot of  things for the wedding but I can look for ideas. Here are some ideas I've been tossing around.

Programs: I'd been thinking making wedding programs  that look like passports. But I've found a less time consuming and much simpler idea that still ties into my travel theme.  I want to make them look like luggage tags. I can make them luggage tag sized like a little book or I can make one bigger luggage tag.

Fauxtobooths:  Back when I was planning a Spartanburg wedding I wanted to have a photo booth. Now, a "passport photo booth" defintely fits into my theme. But now its not in my budget or geographic location. So I've been inspired by these pictures and am tossing around the idea of making my own booth. Have any of you done this or seen it done? I think my dad could easily rig something up and that I could convince a few of my cousins or sisters friends to hang out and take the pictures. I really love the idea of having props like the picture frame and chalkboard.

Now this one is super cool:

Shoes: I want my shoes to bring a (realitively hidden) pop of color. Mr. Groom wants me to stick with the classic white. I'm thinking about compromising with these babies:

Additonal Thank You Cards: I won some free Thank You cards from Vistaprint, but unless only 1/6th of the people I invite get us a gift they won't be enough. So I'm thinking about buying these airmail inspired notecards:

Stamps: I've been working with the Paper Nickel Stamp Company to find vintage stamps that give the feel of travel. They've put together some great combinations at great prices. I'll share them with you once I pay for mine.

Out of Town Bags: Since my wedding is travel themed I think it would be appropriate for me to have little souveneirish treat bags for my guests that have to come from out of town. But I have to decide this a little closer to the wedding to make sure my budget will allow. I'd want to include driving directions, restaurant information, homemade cookies, hot chocolate packets and preferably Carolina Gold grits or rice. I'd like to keep the bags simple and design them with this in mind:

If you have any suggestions relating to my travel theme or recommendations for any of the above items I'd love to hear it. And I'd appreciate it very much if you wanted to send me a blank postcard from your city/region/state/province/country for us in my wedding guest book-just leave a comment letting me know and I'll get you my address.


  1. Oh your wedding is going to be lovely! I love all those ideas. We only had a 10-week engagement so we didn't have the time to spare to very detailed at all and had a loose "garden" theme, but I love when themes are able to come alive like this! Can't wait to see the finished production!

  2. Thanks for visiting stopping by my blog today!
    I love the idea of photo booth props. The picture frame idea is really cute.


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