Monday, 26 July 2010

Seven Springs

Saturday night Mr. Groom and I went out to dinner with our friend Aerie. We went to Seven Springs, which was located inside of a western style mall called City 7. You ordered of the menu and helped yourself to the buffet. I ordered maple terrayki chicken and it came with a side of carmelized onions and carrots. Aerie and I made a salad to share with shrimp, fresh pineapple and an amazing citrus dressing.

The buffet featured stockpiles of food and I felt like I was in Western food heaven. I ate more than I've ever eaten in Korea or that I've ever eaten at an American buffet. And yet, I ended up feeling only mildly full and not grossly stuffed.

In addition to my meal I dined on the creamiest "cream pasta", and tons of grilled veggies and fruit. I feel veggie deprived here so I made sure to load my plate with tomaotes, peppers, cuccumbers, corn and squash. Mr. Groom brought me bruschetta and it was  the best I've ever had. It was  topped with whole tomato slices and minced onions.

I fixed a dessert plate as well with almond cheese cake squares, a mini chocolate chip cookie, yogurt dipped bananas, apples, grapes and vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries. Two little notes I've noticed about desserts here. The first is that when  you order something like an "almond muffin", "chocolate chip muffin", the chocolate chips or almonds are just sprinkled on top of the muffins, not baked in them. The second thing I noticed at Seven Springs. I think the cheesecake we tend to eat can be described a little as pie like (not cherry pie, but like a chocolate pie?). Here it was definitely textured more like cake, with crumbs and everything.

I raved about the dinner all night and even dreamed about the cream pasta. This weekend was the perfect time for us to go because I'd complained to Mr. Groom this week  that no matter how much I'd been eating lately I couldn't stop being hungry. I have also noticed a decrease in energy since being here. Before arriving I could do situps in sets of 50. Now I can barely do 25 situps in a row. I really think the lack of variety and the lack of vegetables in my diet is causing this. (When I eat vegetables here it is either peppers on pizza or lettuce with a slice of carrot in a salad. I make potatoes and occasionally cook them with peppers but that's it.)

But,the restaurant was wonderful. If I were single, and in Korea alone I would go there at least once a week. It was that fabulous.


  1. So thats pretty cool how you are in Korea. You made me VERY hungry reading this post... Yummy

    Hopefully your energy returns. Thanks for stoping by my blog.

  2. What a wonderful description of your meal. I am glad you are not there alone too. Continue to have a wonderful time.


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