Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chocolate in Changwon

After reading on Kraft Foods' facebook page that Wednesday was National Chocolate Day, I thought I'd do a post about the chocolate I've had in South Korea.

I've had three kinds of Chocolate bars:

1. Toyou

None of the chocoalte I've had tastes bad- but I haven't tried anything high quality either. I'd say this and and the Ghana flat bar are similar to the Hershey bar. I think its interesting that the bar seems to be called "To you", but that the brand name is whats printed on the chocolate- same with the Ghana flat bar. Until the other day, every time I'd eaten the Toyou bar or the Ghana flat bar the chocolate was quite bendy and never snapped when I broke it into pieces. And quality chocolate should snap. When I mentioned this to Mr. Groom he pointed out that the stores here don't usually run airconditioning so the chocolate is usually melted when I buy it which is what is making it bend. He's so smart. So now I put my chocolate in the fridge after I buy it- it snaps and tastes a little better too.

2. Ghana

This Ghana bar is similar in style to a Snickers- but the filling is different. Its peanuts, peanutbutter and sometype of nougaty filling. Its at least twice as chewy as a Snickers and costs close to eighty cents. A Snickers here cost around $1. As does the Toyou bar.

3. Ghana- or what I call Ghana Flat

I don't have a picture for you because the last time I ate one I thought I'd already taken a picture. Its very similar to the Toyou bar. In fact, I can't taste the difference.It costs about the same as the Toyou bar too. It drives me insane that its called a Ghana bar but is obviously quite different from the above Ghana bar. Its got Lotte stamped on it (brand name). Lotte owns freaking everything. There is a Lotte grocery store, Lotte cinema, Lotte department store. Restaurants and convience stores sell Lotte brand drinks and food.

Heres the corner of the Snickers style Ghana package where you can see the brand (look closely and in the corner):


  1. Even cheaper chocolate serves a purpose in life! I hadn't known about the holiday -- good thing I ate chocolate cookies for a snack ... :)

  2. How did I not know it was National Chocolate Day?!?! Oh the shame. The horror! I know, I will eat extra chocolate today for my punishment. It's a sacrifice but, someone's got to do it.

  3. Did someone say chocolate?? Sign me up! Chocolate to me is a lot like pizza, if it's good, it's really good and if it's bad, it's still pretty good. Pass me a bar!

  4. Gosh I wish I had known it was National Chocolate day!!! I am a sucker for chocolate and am always looking for reasons to eat it :)

  5. @ Yenta Mary and Julie- I wholeheartedly agree
    @The Answer is Chocolate- you're such a good sport!

  6. Yum! If only I had known it was National Chocolate Day, I would have taken out my chocolate vodka to make a toast!


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