Sunday, 18 July 2010

Seven Good Things This Week

Since I didn't get to do Thursday Five this week I thought I would share some good things that happened to me this week:

1. My first guest post went live this week! I'm so excited. You can check it out at the Plunge Project.

2. We had dinner plans with a big group on Saturday. We had duck and then went to karoke.

3. At dinner we meet a very nice English couple. They are new at Mr. Groom's work and will be moving into our neighboorhood on Tuesday.

4.. I bought yummy, fairly fresh peaches this week. I'd been craving them for awhile.

5.We have around 5 weeks until we're both on a plane home.

6. I was able to buy 140 address labels for just over $3 this week from Vistaprint. We'll probably use them to address the RSVP cards with.

7. 50 First Dates came on last night- and in English.


  1. It's the little things -- like fresh peaches and a cute movie -- that make us happiest! Sounds like it was a good week ... :)

  2. Mmm...Now you've got me craving peaches! I may just have to pick some up later today :)


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