Thursday, 22 July 2010

On My Own

Today is the last Thursday Five you'll see from me because Mannland has stopped hosting them. This one I'm doing on my own because I'd been looking forward to it. After this week's, I'm going to start posting a list of things that made me happy/grateful/excited/joyful/estatic/bouncy or that simply brought a smile to my face. I'll be posting them as Saturday Smiles and including a Linky for anyone who wants to link up. You can write a post specifially for the Saturday Smiles linkup or you can link a post you'd written earlier in the week-as long as its relevant. So check back July 31st for the first edition of Saturday Smiles.

Here's my last five:

1. I won two food  related giveaways this week!
2. I got a letter in the mail today.

3. I was able to borrow two new books to read- The Host and Life of Pi

The Host: A Novel    Life of Pi

4.  I ate heavenly rich chocolate gelato (twice...sssh!). And it cost around $2.

5. Mr. Groom's sister called and told him about a job opening for a principal at a private school. The deadline to apply isn't until after we get back from S. Korea. Keep your fingers crossed! If he gets the job, I'll be moving to PA. Anyone from there?

PS: Don't forget to visit this weeks ABC Post: J is for Journaler

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  1. Good luck with the job and yes chocolate gelato makes the week that much better!!


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