Friday, 23 July 2010

Cast of Characters

I blog about the people in my life all of the time. Sometimes I feel like I just mention them haphazardly and leave you to figure out who the heck I'm talking about. So I thought I would do a run down of who everyone is:

Mr. Groom:

He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but acts more like a southern gentleman than any man I know. Maybe, its because he's traveled a lot, maybe its because he was in the Army. He's a sports ADDICT, and loves to make people laugh. If we believed in reincarnation I'd say he was a stand-up comedian in a past life. He is a certified teacher and has a degree in Sociology. Currently, he's teaching English in South Korea.


We met my freshman year of college and roomed together last year. We are both rooming with K10  this year. She's very artistic and wants to be a teacher. I call her Lyric because thats what some Facebook app said her name would be if she was born today

"Hot Glue/MOH/bestie"

I met this hot lady my junior year of high school and we've gottten closer every year. She goes to my college's "brother college". She is the Maid of Honor in my wedding. She loves penguins and Disney and has a boyfriend who does a kickbut impression of Captain Jack Sparrow. I call her Hot Glue because of an inside joke a few summers ago that I can't quite remember. And no alcohol was involved during the joke's conception. Go figure.


K10 is Lyric's Red Devil Little Sister and our future roomate. I'm so glad the two of them got paired together because, although I've only known her for less a year (oh! I just realized that), we've become really close and I can't imagine being without her friendship.


Mommy dearest. She's my mom and for that reason I love her, but she doesn't make being around her very easy.


My dad's a hunting and fishing kinda guy. He's a part of the local Duck Unlimited group and has a "Duckaholic" sticker on the back of his gold Expedition. I guess "aholics" run in the family. For the most part, he's a better cook than my mom, but don't tell her I said that.


She's younger than me but a whole lot tougher. You don't want to get into a wrestling match with this gal. Beach lover, softball player, IGA clerk. She's headed to USC-B.

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  1. love this idea =) i may just do the same!


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