Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I is for Inquisitive

Did you think I'd forgotten about this weeks ABCs challenge? Truth be told, I almost did. I looked at Mr Groom the other evening and said "Oh, no! I haven't done I." And he looked back at me like I was a loony toon.

I am very inquisitive. I'm always asking questions, wanting to know the who, what, when, where and why of things. I think its the why question that most irritates Mr Groom. I' m always asking "Why do you think she said.." or "why do you think he did...?" It drives him batty.

Oh, because of my inquisitiveness and the fact that I was quick to point out that I am not a cat and therefore won't die from my curiousity, Mr. Groom has taken to calling me "Nosey McNoser".

I really can't help it. Its what fuels my journalistic desires, what helps me to write thought proving poems and stories. The what if factor.

But I am trying to work on my habit of asking Mr Groom who was one the phone everytime it rings because he tells me that one drives him super batty. I'll ask and he'll say "Was it for you?". And I'll stammer back "No, but.." And then he shoots me the look.

Just the other day I saw what I thought were peaches- but they were a lot lighter in color than the peaches I am used to seeing. So I asked him :

'"Do you know what those are?"


"Don't ya think they look like peaches?"

"Didn't I just say I don't know what they are?"



  1. You just made me smile. Great post and so on target with how men and women think.

    Stop by anytime, I've got that piece of cake waiting for you!

  2. You have an interesting collection of songs playing on your blog :) I'm totally a 70's rock girl, and don't mind some country too.
    Be inquisitive - Mr. Groom will just have to learn to live with it. If we don't ask "Why"? we will never know.

  3. I have a 5-year-old and she's the definition of inquisitive. I feel for Mr. Groom if you're anywhere near her level of thinking up questions.


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