Sunday, 11 July 2010

I'm Hungry and in Korea

I'm hungry, in Korea and tired of sandwiches, fast food and breakfast food. I have a stove top and a grocery store that sells a handful of recognizable ingredients. What do I make?

Hot Dog Stir Fry (Kinda)


2 hot dogs, cut into "beanie weenie sized" pieces
1/4 of a red pepper chopped
1/4 of  yellow pepper chopped
2 small potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 slice of cheese

Season the potatoes- my limited supply caused me to salt and pepper them and then cook them in corn butter. Cook up the veggies and hot dog pieces in a pan-potatoes first until they're soft and and then everything else. Top with cheese and mustard. I started out trying to grate the potatoes, but the potatoes were too small for me to grate them without chancing a finger. Tastes kinda like a hot dog and fries. Is quite possibly kid friendly.

The bread was suppoused to be cheesy bread but upon biting into it I discovered it to be a plain dinner roll. Slightly dissapointing.

Man I miss "regular food", but this was a good break from sandwiches and breakfast food.


  1. I would have to be really missing regular food as well to get that creative with hot dogs:)

  2. Ingenious. I get so tired of eating out when I'm away from home.

    I found you on the Lady Blogger's Society Tea Party and was attracted to your blog because I'm a bit of a chocoholic too.

  3. Visiting from the Tea Party! You are pretty creative with a hot dog!Eating out does get old. I'm also a chocoholic! Woo-Hoo!

  4. Do some online recipe browsing for ideas. There's bound to be something you can find ingredients for. Try That's where I get all my recipes from. They're amazing.

  5. How creative! I never in a million years would have thought to do this with hot dogs!

  6. Just found you through your comment on LBS today - and I'm a follower now (which means I'll be back!) I'm loving your post today, and the title of your BlOG (I'm a Chocoholic, too!). And I'm looking forward to reading some other posts and finding out what brings you to Korea. Nice to meet you!!!

  7. Thanks for comin' by my blog this morning! (or last night). This is incredibly creative! I'm so impressed!!! I would have never thought of doing this combo. My husband loves hot dogs and stir fry! Hm..may haev to give this a go!


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