Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A while back I won postcards from Vistaprint and used them as my wedding Save the Dates. I just bought 140 return address labels from them for a little over $3. They always have great deals and great designs, so I suggest checking them out.

If you buy something from Vistaprint within the next two days you can get up to 80% off! Is that a good deal or what?

Just use this link:


  1. I recently ordered some stuff from them and will for sure be ordering more. I'm actually overwhelmed at the choices but it was a fun way to "merchandise" my blog ( I got business cards, mailing labels and post-its) even though I don't sell anything. I just like a coordinated theme so even if this only goes to family and friends, it was fun, cheap and fast!

  2. I've ordered from VistaPrint too many times to count. After your first order you'll start to get the "free deals" in your email almost daily - if you stick to the freebies, you only pay shipping.

    Here's a tip. I always pick the longest/cheapest delivery method - and usually have more order within a week (give or take a few days!)


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