Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Our future depends on...

Math, Science and Technology. These are the things that will help America being about a new age. Have you seen the commercial?

I'm sick of it.

Math, Science and Technology are over promoted. College students majoring in a related subject recieve more scholarship money.

I'm sick of it.

If we're focusing on bringing about a new age, then I think the things that will make the new age happen are creativity, compassion and communication.

We need people who can clearly communicate their ideas. People who can speak multiple languages and switch between them in order to create compromises or team up and develop cross country solutions to worldwide problems.

We need people who care. People who want to figure out a way to get surplus food to the starving. People who put people before their bank accounts or desires for fame. We need people who want everyone to be able to afford healthcare. We need people who are willing to reach out to others in times of crisis- whether it is local like serving at a soup kitchen or global like providing medical relief after natural disasters.

We need people who can devise creative solutions to our problems- like world hunger. We need people to create art that expresses big ideas or helps us to unite as one race-human.

Yes, math, science and technology can and in a lot of cases must play a role in the things I've mentioned above. But they are not the end all be all. We need a balance and if that balance isn't achieved we won't be successful.

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