Sunday, 4 July 2010

H is for Homemade

I love things that are homemade-whether made by me or by others. I love things that are homemade because they are often one of a kind, heart felt and twice as tasty as store bought. One of my roomies, "Lyric" knitted me a scarf for a birthday gift and I couldn't have loved it more- its was the perfect shade of red and had my initals knitted into it- how lovely.

I love to make homemade desserts because they taste so much better than store bought, they're better for me-fresher ingredients and less processing -and making them is a great stress reliever. For the same reasons I can't wait to begin cooking dinner nightly.

I love to make homemade cards. I get to make beautiful things to share with my friends and family. I feel like the homemade cards says "I care" on a so much more personal level than a store bought card. That being said, I still love my frequent trips to Hallmark. With my leftover cardmaking supplies I've started to make bookmarks and gift tags.

Becaise of my love for homemade I want to expand my DIY skills and learn to make more things on my own- and if not make them completely than personalize them to better suit our tastes.

My love of all things homemade has led me to become an etsy addict. I can spend hours searching for a homemade something or other. I've recently bought a super cute apron (my sewing skills are subpar), my wedding garter and wedding earrings from etsy.

What are your favorite things to make at home? What is the best homemade gift you've ever recieved? What do you wish you had the skills to DIY?


  1. Hiya! Thank you for following me! Since your blog is awesome, I'm going to follow you back, and be your newest follower too :).

    I also think handmade is just better.

  2. A friend of my mothers made her a handmade christmas card last was beautiful and stayed in my mother's kitchen on the counter all year! I hope to do that this next Christmas..we shall see.

  3. I am with you : ) I love homemade cards. I have found though, as I get older (darn it) I barely ever take the time to make homemade cards and things for my friends. It makes me sad because I think homemade things are so special :)

    PS My sewing skills are also sub par : )

  4. My favorite thing to make is fruit pie. My best home made gift was an alpaca scarf made by the owner of the donating alpaca. I wish i could do home decor stuff.

  5. I love making desserts that taste good - and look cute! Also, i'm into painting (check out my etsy shop, posted on my blog!) I'm getting further and further into woodworking - and have found that i like using tools, like power drills and saws to create my little masterpieces! I feel super *tough* with my power drill, seriously...

    I would LOVE to know how to sew. I'm horrible at it - I think it's because I don't practice as much as I should. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there, and I would love to be able to take advantage and make beautiful things for my friends!

  6. Making a visit back to you from the tea party social...I enjoyed your last post...I can say that i love making my Babcia's (Polish for Grandmother)Pound Cake which is of course from scratch. And even though I developed a wheat allergy and cannot eat it myself, it is always a treat loved by others, and the smell reminds me so much of my Grandmother's kitchen from when I was a child.

  7. I am such an Etsy addict! There are so many unique gift options there that I can't stop browsing.

    I'm a huge baker, so most of my gifts to family members include a baked good of some sort. I also love making my own cards/scrapbooking. Although lately I haven't done much crafting because my crafting space (my coffee table!)is a bit uncomfortable..

  8. i love handmade items! paper, beads, fabric, you name it, i do it! not necessarily well... but still. love it all!

  9. I'm the same way- I may not be very good at some of it but I think its al earning process and its something I enjoy

    @Angela- I would kill to have a craft room so I can quit working on my bedroo floor.


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