Tuesday, 20 July 2010

French Toast?

Last night I thought I'd make french toast for dinner. I'd never made french toast but had seen it made, and looked up a few recipes to make sure I would do it right.

I didn't have the cinnamon that I usually love on my french toast so I mixed honey in with the eggs and milk. But I used a really light hand with the honey because I am running low and really don't have it in my budget to buy more and only use it a few times.

The toast came out yummy but I think I used too much eggs or not enough milk to balance out the eggs. I liked the toast but it wasn't the slightly sweet treat I'd hoped to cover in banana and pieces of chocolate. It was way to eggy. So I ate my egg toast with a side of bananas covered in chocolate bits.

Not a culinary masterpiece but it sure was yummy.

And on a side note: My mother is suppoused to be sending me a package filled with granola bars (I'm a huge snacker) and peanut butter. So hopefully I can make peanut butter toast soon!

What'd you make for dinner last night?

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  1. Too funny my fellow chocoholic because I had breakfast for dinner last night too. Scrambled eggs, homestyle potatoes with red peppers and onions and biscuits.

    My family loves French toast. One thing I use is buttermilk which makes the batter less runny. I use it in pancakes, cakes, biscuits etc. so it's a staple in my refirgerator. I don't drink it though. YUCK.


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