Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Where I've Been

Saturday, posts went up that I'd written for Friday. Why didn't they go up Friday?

Well, I'd been at the hospital most of the day Friday. I got a call from Mike's work saying they'd called him an ambulance because he was light headed, had chest pain and had a high pulse while laying down.

So I rode 45 minutes over to the hospital and we waited to find out what was wrong. The doctors weren't sure but his heart checked out fine.

Sunday night I was sitting in my (fabulous and super comfy) chair and a half making cards, when Mike looked over at me and said "Get me an asprin and then call an ambulance."

He was burning up hot and said he felt like his heart was beating so fast and hard it could explode and he was having trouble breathing. The ambulance took half an hour to arrive (from a hospital 20 minutes away) and pulled in as I was about to take him myself. They pulled in without lights or sirens flashing and took about 5 minutes to get into the house. They were slow and managed to knock over everything near them- and this was before they went back out to the ambulance for the stretcher.

15 minutes or so later he was in the ambulance and I was in my car. Another 3-5 minutes later we were on the road, and 15 minutes later at the hospital.

The nurse observed his difficulty breathing and the fact that when he felt light headed his pulse was rising. We stayed overnight in the hospital and they monitored his heart all night. Again his heart checked out fine and he passed a stress test.

They sent him home wiht a heart monitor and orders to see a family doctor. We went to the doctor yesterday and he returned to work today. The family doctor was the first person to listen to him say "First, I feel light headed, and then I can't breathe and then my heart goes crazy". The family doctor says the order is important and most likely means the faster heartbeat is a reaction to whatever else is going on and that it may be a panic attack disorder.

So, hopefully in a few days we will know what is going on.

In the meantime, I haven't heard back from Subway, but I did apply at the Ramada Inn today (and they are hiring!) so hopefully something will come from that as it is only 5 minutes down the road.


  1. I hope they figure out what's going on with him soon!!! It's pretty ironic that I read this post because I'm actually writing my post for today about a panic attack that I had yesterday. I have them quite often and what he describes is exactly how it feels. I always thought that I was having a heart attack (I know, at the ripe age of 23 - when I had my first one) but it turns out it "just" a panic attack. As much as this sucks, usually you can learn how to manage them and obviously we'd rather he has this going on than anything else that could be more serious. I hope today is more relaxing for ya'll! :) Sending good vibes your way!

  2. Oh Dear.. I hope Mike finds out what is wrong! I had the same problem years ago and had to wear a heart monitor.. but then nothing ever got recorded and they said I was fine, too! Good thoughts are with you and your bubsters!

  3. Oh that is awful! How scary! He's too young to be stressed or panicked! You two just got married and have so much to be happy about. Big hugs to you both! I hope it gets resolved soon and that he's feeling better too! Keep us posted.

  4. Oh, my gosh, what a saga! Panic attacks can definitely feel like cardiac problems ... not that it's easier by any means, but he's too young to have heart issues. Sending all good wishes that you get an answer and that he gets better! Having any kind of diagnosis at least lets you know what you're dealing with, and lets you address it head-on ....


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