Friday, 14 January 2011

Midweek Food Review

Since most of the recipes I'm making this week and next are new to us, I ask Mike everynight after dinner if he likes the dish enoough for me to make again. Here are his comments:

Monday night was breakfast, a meal we both love to eat for dinner (and sometimes late night snacks), so it's a no brainer that we want to have this again. And there were plenty of leftover pancakes for us to eat throughout the week.

Tuesday night was chickenburgers served with fries and baked beans. Mike's comment? "They feel like crabcakes. Next time let's have them without the buns." So next time we'll have chickencakes. You can find the recipe here.

Wednesday night we had  Inside Out Stuffed Peppers served over kidney beans, instead of the recommended rice. We both really liked the dish and will probably make it again, although it wasn't as filling as it would have been with the rice. So I  made homemade texas toast from leftover hot dog buns to go with it.

Yesterday we had slow cooker spicy meatloaf. I almost burned it because it was done an hour earlier than the recipe said it would be, but the meat thermometer was reading 200 F so I scooped it out of the crock pot, and into a loaf pan. I put the pan in the oven to keep it warm until Mike came home. And it was a hit! Mike loved it although it wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. It had a nice flavor though so I hope to post the recipe later.

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  1. I am giving you a couple of links to websites that have recipes that are for healthier eating, I really like ppk site, its focus is on vegan/vegetarian, but has really unique ideas. It might help you add variety to your menu, especially on your budget. Shopping for healthy food on a budget blows, I know. The trick is making by scratch as much as you can. I find bread making to be an awesome is stress reducing and you get this fabulously productive feeling when you cut into a fresh loaf.Also, you can control what is in your bread when you make it yourself. So...if you want whole wheat bread, and you make it, you know that there is actually WHOLE GRAINS in the stuff. --sorry personal rant there--- anyway. I am looking up recipes online all the time. alot of sites have a search where you type in the whatever you have in the fridge, ie ground turkey, onions, potatoes, and it gives you a recipe with those things in it.


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