Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Budget Friendly Recipes

Okay, here's the deal.

We've got a very small grocery budget until I can find a job. We have all of three spices/seasonings- seasonal, garlic salt and red pepper flakes. And Mike doesn't eat rice. We've got enough foodstuffs to last roughly until Monday/Tuesday, until then I need to find some healthy, budget-friendly recipes. About two weeks worth. I have some cookbooks but most of the recipes any them call for a dozen ingredients, many of which are spices we don't have and can't buy at the moment.

I'd love any suggestions you can offer on how to save money grocery shopping (we're already clipping coupons, and planning to buy dried beans), and yummy budget friendly recipes.

Thanks for all the help!


  1. I don't know how to do linkies, but I do a post every Thursday called "Free Recipe Thursday" where I take suggestions from my friends, cook books, and my personal favorites.

    Follow me and you will be reminded every Thursday when I post it. They are budget friendly and most of it will last for a few meals if it's just the 2 of you (like it is us!)

    Come on over to A Pound of Thoughts :)


    (just in case)

  3. Here in Michigan, Kroger does "Manager's Specials," usually mid-afternoon. There are orange stickers slapped onto anything that has to be sold the next day. They're not things that EXPIRE the next day, so they're still good; it's just that the "sell by" date is fast approaching. That stuff is usually half-off -- anything from packaged salads and spinach to milk to meat to pizza. Be careful with coupons, as they often ask you to buy 3 to get something off, and you might have been better off buying the store brand without a coupon. Pasta is inexpensive; if you get some tomato sauce you can "oomph" it up with the red pepper flakes and seasonings -- low fat, lots of lycopene. I'll see if I can think of anything else ....

  4. I quickly did a post addressing some of this, but will try to come up with some more specific recipes later today when I get a chance. Here is a link to a post I did Many blessings- YOU CAN DO IT!


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