Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wedding Recap: The Reception!

Here are my favorites from the party!

Waiting for the ride to the reception

Its here!

First dance as husband and wife

Dancin'with my daddy

Cutting my cake!

It was chocolate rum cake


Toasting...Hotglue made me tear up


My sister and cousin

Mike's flower girl and ring bearer

Instead of a guestbook we had our guests fill out postcards

The Asia Table

Paper planes hung from the ceilings and the fixtures

Europe table

My shoes came off prety quickly

Bouquet toss!

Abby doesn't want to get married...oops.

My sister

We left under a shower of sparklers.

My favorite picture ever- my best friend and her and Mike's best friend and his wife are on either side of us


  1. ooh, i love the design on the tables. i'm very partial to the asian design :)

    congratulations and best wishes...

  2. Oh, everything looks so, so beautiful ... especially YOU ... :)

  3. I can't believe I haven't visited your blog since you were still PLANNING your wedding! You looked beautiful! I'll have to catch up on all the rest of the wedding recaps....


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