Monday, 3 January 2011

On the Hunt

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a job. I started out by applying downtown at every store on the diamond- coffee shops, sweet shops, restaurants, clothing stores. And I’ve applied at a few restaurants uptown too.
And then Friday night Mike introduced me to a state run job search website where we found some great openings for administrative assistants at several places like churches and Seton University as well as an opening for a greeter at a dealership. I hope to mail off resumes for those positions on Monday, fill out a few applications for places like Walgreens and Subway, and the bank next door and then cross my fingers and trust in the Lord to provide.

If you know of any openings in the Ligonier/Latrobe/Greensburg area please pass them along!

As a side note, I checked out a Writer’s Market from the library and have started to search for places to send my poetry and creative nonfiction pieces.

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