Tuesday, 11 January 2011

He Was Right

This may seem a little gross, but I was impressed so I have to share.

I've been dealing with ringworm since I came back from Korea (back in August). I've been through two tubes of Lamasil trying to fight that stuff off. It had gotten smaller but hadn't gone away or quit itching.

The whole time Mike had been trying to convince me to let him spit his dip on my leg and wrap it up.

The other night I was tried of itching and running low on Lamasil so I gave in. He put his used skoal on the ringworm and wrapped it up. And two days later the ringworm was gone.

Maybe I should trust my husband a little more.


  1. haha! Wow! I've never heard that before, good thing you listened! I guess sometimes men can be right! ;) Glad that the ring worm is finally gone, you must've been going CRAZY!!!

  2. I have never heard that works before either! I had ringworm once and it was AWFUL! It was right on my chest so it was hard to cover up with shirts (got it from our cat at the time)...definitely no fun! Now I know what the secret trick is if I ever catch it again! lol


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