Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mama Kat Prompt: Love to Chocolate

The prompt I picked suggests writing a poem to your favorite food:

You roll across my tounge
and linger on my tastebuds,
as my ears savor your sweet snap.

All things at once,
dark , sweet, milky, bitter, creamy
Perfect alone or paired with a companion

The perfector,
the finishing touch to any dish,
the happy ending to every meal.

My first love


  1. This is great! Almost haiku-ish in a way! I wrote "Ode to a Stale Cookie" for my writing prompt from Mama's. Give it a look if you happen to like chocolate in cookies, too!

  2. I completely agree and feel the same way. Chocolate is awesome.

    In fact, last night I found some 72% dark chocolate and I was in heaven savoring every bite.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's

  3. oh, yum! I could go for a piece of chocolate right about now. :)

  4. I have to say when I was pregnant I totally agreed with the love of chocolate, now I can take it or leave it.

    Have you ever had Chocovine?

  5. Amen to that, sister! You nailed it :)
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's


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