Monday, 10 January 2011

Menu Planning Monday

I went grocery shopping today and managed to stay on budget! I did most of the shopping at ALDI and got almost everything we needed for two weeks for around $70. The I shopped at Giant Eagle and Dollar General for things like Dr. Pepper and the frozen lunchens Mike wanted.

So here's what we're eating for dinner (leftovers will be used for lunch the next day):

M- Breakfast for Dinner! This is one of my favorite meals.
Tu- Chickenburgers with fries.
W- Inside Out Stuffed Peppers
Th Spicy Crockpot Meatloaf and Scalloped Potatoes
F Quiche and black eye peas
Sa Mike's Day so probably Beer Butt Chicken
Sun- Tacos for Lunch, Kitchen Sink Dinner

M Cheddar Chicken with scalloped potatoes
Tu Veggie Fried Potatoes (like veggie fried rice)
W Chili
Th Broccoli Skillet
F Quiche
Sa Mike's Day or Frozen Pizza/Spaghetti
Su Mexican Casserole for Lunch, Kitchen Sink Dinner

I also plan on making a batch of corn chowder to have for lunches as well! And Mike wants me to make some Red Beet Eggs for him to snack on.

What are you eating this week?

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  1. There is a site Hillbilly Housewife and she has two emergency menus. One was $45 a week and a $70 one- but those were before price increases. Now the $45 a week is $70. It feeds 4-6 people on that price. She gives a grocery list and also tells stuff to do each day, like make bread the night before and let rise overnight.
    Another one on Front Porch Living
    Cabin Fever did the Hillbilly plan and took daily photos- might be cool to see photos of the food and her suggestions

    Hope these offer some help and give you some suggestions. Take what you can use and ignore the rest.


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