Sunday, 30 January 2011

Saturday's Adventure

Yesterday Mike and I drove down to Bedford, with the end goal of going to a wild game dinner at his sister's church. We stopped in at the bend and dent store on the way, and boy did we rack up.

We were able to get a few spices, brown sugar, Ghirardelli chocolate bars (!!), low cal chocolate pudding, several boxes of scallopped potatoes, a few cans of chicken noodle soup,  several bags of potato chips/chex mix, 8-10 cans of beans, 1 bag of dried beans, 6 packets of yeast, apple juice, granola bars, niquil, cortozine cream, 2 bottles of centrum performance vitamins, bandaids,  2 bags of frozen perogies, 2 red baron frozen pizzas, ketchup, pineapples, apple pie filling and a handful of other things for aronnd $60.

The dinner was fabulous.  my favorites were venison meatloaf and bbq pulled boar, and of course my SIL's PB pie. . I braved the porcupine and was then told it was chicken, so that was dissapointing,  but everything was wondeful and we got to get out of the house/town for a day, which was even more wonderful to me.

Tomorrow I hope to make a menu from the things we bought and have in the freezer, go grocery shopping and call a few places to check the status of my applications.

How was your Saturday? What's the "wildest" thing you've eaten? Did you like it?

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  1. I don't eat wild food- not that I consider "wild" anyways- Love me some Deer Jerky- but I don't turn anything down, except for Spam and other potted meats :)


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