Friday, 29 April 2011

Drive Baby Drive

A past Mama Kat prompt was about things you do that drive your spouse crazy.
While Mike and I are alike in many ways and for the most part gel fabulously we are also very different people.
If he sees a mess during the meal and he knows he has to clean it up, he won't enjoy dinner whereas I have selective seeing and can focus on my food and forget about the mess until after I've satisified my grumbling tummy.
Along the same token, I tend to kick my shoes off by our big super chair. They're in the same place everyday, but because they are not lined up by the coat closet it drives him nuts.
But if I had to pick just one thing...I couldn't do's a tie between these two:
1. When we go on long drives (he drives usually) I like to prop my feet on the dashboard. Unlike my mother, he doesn't mind that all all. What drives him bonkers is that I unconsciously cross my toes. Yeah....
2. I'm a forgetful person and I forget to turn the lights off quite often. I never leave the house with them on, but if I leave the bedroom to go downstairs I'll probably forget to turn the light off. I've also gotten into a habit of turning lights on as I walk. Going to the upstairs bathroom? I'll turn the light to the stairway on and the bathroom light and will probably leave both of them on. I don't like being without lights. It probably stems from my fear of the dark
What things do you do that drive your spouse batty?

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  1. You need motion sensors in all your rooms! Then when you leave and aren't moving in that room, the light will automatically turn off! Our washer and dryer are in the basement of the apartment building (8 flights of stairs means you learn to be less picky about what is clean and what is not) and the bottom landing of the stairs as well as the hallway past the storage closets to the laundry room have little motion sensors to turn the lights on and off. And the main stairwell lights turn off after so many minutes on their own. Yay for german practicality.


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