Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kickin' Off the Season

Out of the few days that have been both sunny and warm I'm glad this past Saturday was one of them. It gave Mike and I the chance ot kick off our yard sale-ing. We went to a 15 family yard sales and then went to the Salvation Army, Chipotle for lunch (if you have the choice go to Moes instead. Moe's rocks the pants off Chipotle) and then to Gabriel Brothers ($15 sketchers!!) and Sears for some sales (can you say half off a mattress because it was a store display?!).

Mike scored some jeans at Salvation Army and as usual, I walked away empty handed. I found a cute pair of heels that fit perfectly and then we noticed that they had paint all over one side of them. Sigh. I think men in general donate better clothes than women do. We wait until it is decades out of style to get rid of something.

We did fairly well at the yard sale though. We walked away with:

A cooler and four books:

A cute strawberry to hang in the kitchen:

A vase that Mike picked out (it fits the fruity decor that came with the apartment):

A photo album and gift box:

And a shell soap holder than I'm going to use on my nightstand as a jewelry holder. I can put my earrings in it before bed and it will give me the appearance of being more organized.

I almost bought something very similar on this trip but thought Mike wouldn't like a beach themed bathroom. He said I was right. So, my corner of the bedroom can have a little beacy going on!

Have you started yard sale-ing yet? Found any good deals? I think we may be hitting up three sales this weekend!

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