Friday, 22 April 2011

Haircuts Make All The Difference

Today was a crummy day at work (grocery store, not the paper). I got yelled at by a customer for something that wasn't my fault and got scolded a few times by management for nonissues, but I'm not going to go into too much detail. I am going to tell one story though.

I worked the 6am-1pm shift, which I love, so everything was going great until I got this one customer. I asked him fir his store card. Without the card you don't get store sales or gas points and your coupons don't double. This man had a bunch of soft drinks and asked if he had to use his store card. I told him that he never had to use it but  that if didn't use the card he wouldn't recieve any of the benefits, such as gas discounts and sale prices. He tells me that the few dollars the soft drinioks he's buying aren't worth the card (Basically, he's too lazy to reach into his pocket and hand me the dang card). So I ring up his groceries, and he hands me a coupon, which I scan and he pays.

As he is walking away away he looks at his receipt and asks me why his coupon didn't double. I explain that coupons don't double without your store card.

He says to me "Well, why didn't you tell me that."

"Sir, I explained that you wouldn't get any benefits of the card without me scanning the card."

"Well I didn't know  that meant coupons wouldn't double. You should have asked me for my card."

"Sir, I did ask you for you card".

And then he snarled at me "You did not!" and stormed away to customer service, where after he left I was scolded for not repeatedly asking him for his card. Next time I'll stick my hand down his pocket and fish it out. See how he likes that.

Anyway, that was just the start of the day and I left the store fuming. I bought a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head and ate it in my car while the ran poured down around me. I felt like crying but had a hair appointment in less than half an hour and didn't want to go in smudge-faced.

I got my hair cut and eyebrows done for $25, which really made my day as I was expecting to pay close to $40. I usually pay $10 for my eyebrows alone.

I came home, took a nap, did some speed cleaning, changed into a hot outfit and did my makeup and then my husband and I went out to a hungarian restaurant and it was amazing. We were greeted with steaming bowls of cabbage and tomato soup and potato bread. We had perogis and I orderd chicken crepes that came with mashed potatoes and carrots with parsnips. And then I had a chocolate rum rasian cake, that was good but not as good as our wedding cake.

And now my hair is all ready for....get this....

MY JOB INTERVIEW on Monday! I've got an interview for the assistant event planner!

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