Monday, 18 April 2011

Random Thoughts

  1.   I just got super jittery when I sent my resume off for a super cool job as an event planner's assitant. I have no clue what the pay is but it seems like it'd be more enjoyable than being a cashier. I'm not sure what my chances are on it so I'm not saying much about it now, but if by some miracle I do get it I'll be sure to let ya'll know.
2. I have lots and lots of extra cream. Please send yummy recipes my way. But please, none that require to many fancy schmancy or unique ingredients. The idea here is to use up ingredients, not buy more. 3.  I'm getting my hair cut on Friday and I want it to look like this:

4.  I am traveling to SC for graduation and hopefully will get to have a baking session with Luisa. We are hoping to make  baklava (I love it! It was served at my wedding ,and I've had the best yet a few weekends ago). Any fool-proof recipes out there?

5. I may or may not be making bacon scones tonight. And caramels. Depends on my energy levels.














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