Thursday, 7 April 2011

The House That Built Me

We moved from our small two story yellow house between my kindergarten year and first grade year.

I cried and cried and cried.

I wanted to take my ballerina teddy bear pink and white striped wallpaper with me.

 I wanted my pretty white ceiling fan.

 I wanted to keep going to my supercool school that had twin yellow slides that my best friend Chassidy and I could ride while holding hands.

I wanted my yard and our 20 or so cats, one of which was named Mr. Barbie.

I had so many memories of playing in the yard, riding my dogs Sandy/Beau around like horses, riding my little red car around with a parade of cats behind me.
 I loved doing handstands in the corner of the stairwell. Even though I hated having to slide down the stairs on my "hiney", because I would start going too fast and be unable to stop until I had tumbled my way down to the bottom.I loved sitting at a desk, in front of a mirror and doing a talkshow about my "homework" I hated our realtor and was very bratty to her.

And then I fell in love with my big room, connected to my sister's.

I loved being able to whisper to her at night. My mother says she would come check on us because she heard us talking, only to find out we were both babbling in our sleep.

I  loved my new pink ceiling which was later painted white, so I could have a leopard/jungle themed room. (I loved the trunk my daddy built me and the bookcase. I loved my bench of a window seat and the cushion my mother sewed for it. )

I loved playing on my Barbie rug and swinging on the porch swing at night. And I loved helping change the flag on our flagpole.

I loved not having to slide down stairs. I loved that the yard was still big enough for my swing set, and a fort, and a garden!

I loved that my daddy had a garage that he would work in, and sometimes let me help.
I loved that there was a big magnolia tree to climb and play in, and rough up my knees on.
 I loved that we could still have cats, a dog and a bunny!

I loved finding treasures in the old house left from previous kids.

I loved my supercool remote controlled ceilingfan. (man I miss that thing!

I loved living in a neighboorhood. We lived in the perfect place- I had kids to play with my age, and lots of lovely older ladies, and couples that would always watch out for my sister and I, buy GS cookies from us  and make us special treats at Halloween 
What do you remember about your childhood home(s)?

This post was inspired by a mama kat prompt.



  1. I loved reading this! I had similar wall paper in my daughter's bedroom. It was so cute to read your reminiscing. I hated my rooms growing up, they were all masculine, but reading yours makes me realize maybe my kids have fond memories of their rooms. (I even saved some of the end of the wallpaper rolls for them.)

  2. Haha you forgot to mention your fairy garden!


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