Sunday, 17 April 2011

Brilliant Mind Alert: Do Not Attempt to Melt an Entire Bag of 'Mallows In Your Micro

Umm. Yeah.

So Mike and I have been arguing lately: he likes to nap on Sunday afternoons and I like to bake on Sunday afternoons.

So what? And what's that have to do with melting marshmallows? Well hang on there little missy and I'll tell you.

He likes to nap in the superchair which is next to the entrance ot the kitchen. I am by no means a "whiz" in the kitchen and am in fact, quite the clumsy baker. So there tend to be a lot of knockin', bangin' whacking things around and of course a few "owies" coming from my corner of the kitchen. So  the two activites do not mesh up. So I tell him to nap upstairs. But the freebie mattress is to firm for napping comfortable and the air mattress, while the ideal balance of soft and firm, is not located near a television and he claims he can not nap properly without a television. But I say, its not like there's a stove in the guest bedroom. Maybe we should remodel. Wonder what our landlords would think.

Anyway, I decided to be a quiet baker today and make cereal bars. This way I would not have to lug out the mixer or any other noise making appliances.

So I look up this recipe. which calls for minimarshmallows, peanut butter, margarine and frosted flakes cereal. Perfect, I have marshmallows and cereal and of course the peanut butter and margarine.

Exactly. I have MARSHMALLOWs and FROSTED MINI WHEATS. And I failed to recognize that 4 cups of minimarshmallows and regular marshmallows are probably not the same, but no matter it'll work out and me marshmallow yummy. And 2 cups of marshmallows equal about half the bag so I dump the entrire bag of marshmallows into my pretty microwave safe bowl and melt away. They melt and fill up approx half the bowl. I follow the instructions and add the margarine. Before  putting the bowl in for an additional three minutes I top it with the splatter lid thingy my grandmother gave me to prevent an explosion.

No matter. The marshmallows lift the splatter lid off the bowl and ooze out from underneath it and splatter all over the microwave, which I just cleaned about a week and a half ago.

So I continue on and start to add the 7 cups of cereal, when it dawns on me that frosted min wheats are def not the same thing as frosted flakes and that my marshmallow coating will not possibly cover 7 cups of min wheats. So I stop after 2.5 cups and add them to the 13x9 pan. And it covers less than half of it. So much for cereal bars.

And then I go to clean up the microwave and notice that it was really gunky even though I just cleaned it. Apparently, Mike can never find the splatter lid, which has a "place" people. It is ALWAYS on top of the microwave, either to the left of or directly behing the red snack basket. Geez.

Anyway, I learned my lesson (s):
1. Never attempt to melt an entire bag of marshmallows at one time
2. I should learn to recognize my cereals.
3. My husband needs to be trained to clean the microwave.

What about you? Have you had any brillant baking moments lately.

PS: Mandy, if you're reading this I think I earned the loser cook awared!


  1. It's strawberry season here in GA, so we went-a-pickin... It was so much fun, we decided to pick more, so now I have a full gallon of delishiousness. You will see some yummy things come around this week- stay tuned to my blog! And I am very interested to see what your kitchen looks like. When you get the mallow mess up, snap a pic!! ((I am very interested in how people decorate kitchens))

  2. I'm a really messy baker and tend to leave trails of flour wherever I go. And I just have to say I nearly LOLd at your sounds like just the kind of thing I'd do!! :-)


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