Sunday, 10 April 2011

First Trip to the Steel City

Mike and I decided to go to Pittsburgh yesterday. We got stuck in an awful traffic jam on the way into the city, but that was the worst part of the trip, so after we got into the city things went smoothly.
We stopped off first thing for lunch. We had pizza at a place where you can watch them toss the dough. My half was bacon and pineapple, and his half was bacon and spicy peppers. My half was the perfect combination of salty and sweetm and it was fun to watch the pizzas being tossed. Next time though, I 'd like to stop at food stands for tacos, gyros or kebabs.
After lunch we stopped and I bought a piece of the most perfect chocolate baklava in the world, which I munched on throughout the day.

After stopping for the baklava we checked into a few oriental grocery stores so Mike could look for his Korean favorites. We eventually found a specifically Korean store, and overheard the cashier speaking Korean. Mike tried to speak a little Korean to her, but she just blew him off. When he asked her about a few specefic items, she looked at him like he was crazy and said "I don't even know what that is.", and went back to what she was doing. Regardless, we still ended up buying kimchi, mando, and some kind of wasabi peas that Mike likes to snack on.

We then went to the place I'd been excited to go to Mon Aimee Chocolate. It was wonderful to look at all of the different types of chocolates and chocolate products. Everything was quite expensive, as to be expected I suppouse at a speciality store in a city. But, I did walk out with a small bacon chocolate bar, which is on my list of 101 things to do. I'll let you know how it is.

Afterwards we walked around the city a bit.

And then we went to a Pirates baseball game! I'd been to the Greenville Drive games twice but this was my first *real* game, and I had a ball. (Pun intended)


  1. Oh, the chocolate shop sounds so lovely! Next time you go to Pittsburgh, you should have lunch at Primanti Bros., where they make enormous sandwiches with the french fries stuffed into them -- a classic!

  2. We wanted to go there but we were too hungry to wait in line. Mike says there is one about half an hour from our house though, so we may have to check it out soon!


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