Friday, 1 January 2010

HWW Week 3 Day 4

Day 4 is the day between workout sets and is set aside as a "rest" day. Today I definitely noticed a bit of burn in my abs and that my legs felt better than they have since I've been home.

As part of the "rest", I've thought about things I want to start once I am back at school (Sunday).  I want to replace one meal a day with a salad and see how that effects my body. I also want to see if I can convince my friends to take a walk with me everyday in the afternoon. I want to walk with them at a leisure pace. I want it to be a fun, relaxing time of motion and conversation. I will  need the companionship even more since I will be back in the area where my (then boyfriend) fiance lived together but not able to visit him as he is still overseas. I need the motion as I want to find a way to be less sedentary that doesnt involve the gym. I may see if we can occasionally replace this walk with a swim.

(I must confess, even though today was a "rest" dictated day by HWW, I still did a few (25) situps.)

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