Monday, 18 January 2010

Book: The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind

The Law of Nines

I am a huge fan of Terry Goodkind and my love for him and his writing continued to grow as I read his newest book. Unlike the Sword of Truth series this book is set in what seems like our world and our present. I'll do my best to not giveaway plot aspects but consider this a warning that I might.

The book follows Alexander R.  It starts around his 27th birthday, the same age his mother was when she was institutionalized. She was deemed crazy because she thought people were watching her and demanding information from her. Alex inherits some land on his birthday with lots of strange stipulations and meets Jax who claims to be from another world. And then the book really takes off.

If you've read the Sword of Truth series you may think this book starts a little slow, but keep going! And keep in mind its not a part of the series. Finish it and you'll see how clever Goodkind is. (Theres one thing I haven't  figured out, so if you've read the book please let me know and I'll tell you what it is, I dont want to post it here and spoil the book)

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