Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Great Dress Debate (And Reception Venue Hunt)

Today the ladies and I set off to the Davenport and David's Bridal.

The Davenport was lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm just worried that it would be too small if we decided to do a sit down style dinner with 150 people. (Note: we have no firm guest list number for me to consider because my family is refusing to talk numbers with me until the end of the month. Strange huh?) But is very pretty, hard woods with a small upstairs area perfect for a band. And at Christmas time it comes with a Christmas tree and white lights on the banister. It was a tad pricey, but I think it would be workable. Oh and it came with the option of rentingthe above apartment by hour, which might be a good idea since I'm having a few children who might need to go nap the last two hours of the reception. Oh, and they'd let me do sparklers which is what I'm considering in place of rose petals etc, as it will be dark when Mr. Groom and I leave the reception.

the upstairs/band area

view from the stairs:

see how narrow it is?so gorgeous though....

We shopped at Davids Bridal today and I went in thinking I wouldnt find anything I liked, but I wanted to try on a few different styles and make sure I really liked the dress I found yesterday. But I found another dress I liked. Now I'm not sure which dress I like better. I'd love your opinions! There are certain things I like best about each dress but I'm not going to disclose them here until I make a decision. But here are the photos:

Note: I don't like this veil!!

The lovely lovely ladies who went with me got to try on a few bridesmaid dresses as well:

Ms. Maid of Honor:
(our favorite so far, the front has beading around the chest area, but I didnt get a good shot)

Ms. Bridesmaid/Roomie "Lyric":

(I think this one was our favorite on her)

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  1. PS: For Ms. Maid of Honor, who I've only talked to abou "cockail" style reception: I came across a caterer tonight who offers a low country boil dinner. That would be the only reason we'd change to sit down.


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