Saturday, 9 January 2010

Letting the Creative Juices Flow!

This week has definitely put my creativity in gear! I had my first masterclass with Peter Meinke on Wednesday. Last year I dreaded my night classes but I'm loving this one! Meinke is so witty and open. He really makes the class enjoyable.

We have one class a week, and then a one-on-one conference with Meinke. Mine was great. Meinke had read my poems in advance. He had me read some of them aloud for practice, which made me feel good. I mean, if I'm practicing now then maybe some day I'll be reading them for real, with an audience. He then went through my poems and told me what he really liked and why. Which gave me an awesome feeling as well. He then suggested a few (minor!) changes and wished me luck! I'm really looking forward to this Wednesdays class. Check out his website at:  I've  read poems from his book the Contracted World and really enjoyed them.

Friday, I took myself to Hallmark on a research trip, so that I could get in the right frame of mind to work on my internship application. I spent an hour in the store just reading cards. And then I took a break and found a really cool "something blue" themed wine glass, that I really want! It has  handpainted blue swirly roses, and a real garter along the top of the glass! Totally adorable! I also went and saw a free showing of  500 Days of Summer at my favorite library.

Today I woke up and went to a seminar given by the wonderfully talented, Sarah Kennedy. I own a copy of her Witch's Dictionary and love it! So it was amazing to be able to attend her seminar. In the seminar we learned about dramatic monologues and how to write in the voice of another speaker. I wrote parts of poems there and came home and expanded further on them . I also wrote the first fifth of my internship portfolio application.  I see some card making in my future!

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