Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Descions, Descions: New Reception Venue Option

My college has an Alumnae House that they offer for rent. I'd only been inside when it was decorated as a haunted house so it never occured to me to consider it for a wedding reception. But someone suggested it so the roomie and I went and checked it out. Its small, but big enough for a cocktail style reception. The layout is nice. There is one big room that you enter into (dance floor) and four main smaller rooms (food room, band/dj room, bar room, table room) that lead off it, a kitchen in the back and two bathrooms. There is an upstairs area, but I don't think we'd need to use it. The entire place could use a good coat of paint, but with it being dark and decorated, I don't think it would be noticeable.

It costs $600 for the full day, but I'm not sure if that includes tables etc. Although, I did snoop around and found tables and linens in a back closet. I'm hoping to get all of my questions answered today, so that the MOH  and I can stop by and look on Thursday and make a descion. $600 is less than half the price of the other venue. But the other venue comes mostly decorated. So I need to figure out if I can decorate the place for less than  $600. Which I think I can, if we make a good bit of the decorations, spruce up the staircase with some ribbon, prop some picture frames and candles on he mantels, (maybe haul in a Christmas tree) and create a snowstorm in the windows.

Other wedding updates: I've booked a church. The roomie has drawn out my dream cake design with and impossible to find cake topper. I've bought tickets for me, the roomie and the MOH to go to a wedding expo. I've found some gorgeous invitations at an affordable price ( . And I've contacted a few caterers. Oh, and I've decided how I want to "formally" ask my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids, as well as what I want to give them as gifts.

Food room:

main room view from staircase:

"Lyric" in the table room:

Band or Bar Room

Bar or Band Room:

The Purple Bathroom (other bathroom was normal so it didn't warrant a picture):

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