Thursday, 28 January 2010


I was going to get married in my college town in a church I'm emotionally attached to. But I've started to think it may be better to get married in my hometown. Here are my reasons:

1. I can't get a caterer estimate for less than $14/person. My dad knows a caterer who can do prime rib for $10/person.

2. Its easier for my grandmother to come to a wedding in her town.

3. The bridesmaids could stay at my house the night before.

4. My Dad thinks we could get a better deal on a recepion venue.

5. Basically my dad has connections. He could probably figure out my bar situation.

6. The photographer I want is based in my hometown

7. I want pictures of me in various places around my hometown.

Possible downsides:

1. I don't think there is a photobooth rental place in my area and my heart will miss not having one.
2. Not sure if my hometown bakery could do the cake I want. But thats a TBD.
3. Not sure what to do for favors of there is no photobooth.


  1. Before you had the photobooth idea what were you condsidering for favors?
    I'm sure there's a second place idea in there somewhere, if you try to detach from the mega first place idea.

  2. yeah i know. but apparently thats not my descion anymore its the decision of the people who are paying.


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