Monday, 25 January 2010

Wedding Budget

So, I finally have a budget- $5000. My wedding planner divides the budget up,advising how much to spend in different catergories. Its a nice guide but I can already tell I'm going to be over in some categories, under in others and right on the button in a few. Regardless, I'm looking for ways to cut back.

I've decided to opt for Itunes downloaded, CD played music instead of a pianist. That should save us $230.

I'm thinking about making my own invitations. I'm the kind of person who can design a good look. I just can't put it together without looking like a 5year old did it. If done correctly, I can see this saving $100. I wonder if I could convince my sister to put together the invites. I know the MOH likes to scrapbook, and this is similar but I feel like she'll be helping me address them already.

Flowers. The Church and  Reception Venue are both already decorated for Christmas, so I won't have to use as many flowers for decorations. I want to decorate the cake table with a framed "cake" recipe and a picture of me and Mr. Groom. I haven't priced an actual florist, wholesale sight or silk flower place yet, but I plan to soon. The roomie and I think we could do flowers for around $200 at Hobby Lobby.

An unexpected cutback comes in the Guest List department. We've decided to aim for 50 invitees apiece. Mr. Groom has recently stated that he thinks his list won't top 25. This means I can invite extra people (I already have a back up list) or have less guests, thus a less expensive reception. I'm thinking about just inviting ten or so extra from my list.

If you have any suggestions on ways I can get creative with the money side of this business let me know,


  1. If you're not obsessed with specific flower arrangements, something easy to do is going to a local grocery store, or flower stand the day of the wedding (or the day before at earliest) and just buy flowers then. Arrange them simply in vases and put them on top of a mirror on the table and you have a very simple centrepiece! I've seen people do it well. :)


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