Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Hartsville Wedding?

The ceremony would be a Kellytown Baptist Church, a southern baptist church I went to at a child and didn't particularly like. Why didin't I like it? 1. It was too much like a highschool, with everyone in thier own little group. 2. I'm not fond of southern baptist churches. But this is the only church in Hartsville that I've been able to find that isn't booked.

The reception?

Lawton Park Pavillion. This is an old picture before it was renovated. I want to say the outside is virtually the same. The inside upstairs is a small ballroom that holds 125 people. We'd be able to have half as a dance floor and half with tables and a buffet table/bar. There's a balcony on the back that overlooks the lake and depending on the suprising SC weather, could hold tables.                                                                           

Still looking for a DJ and Caterer but we've got 3-4 prospects for each. One being the same place that is doing my cake-CJS. I met with them today and they designed a gorgeous cake that will be similar to my dress for less than Arts Eats Bakery in Greenville. If I do my catering with them, they knock fifty cent off per slice of the cake.                                                                                                                                        

 I've started to think  about my something old, something new, something borrowed something blue (and a six pence in your shoe). And so far this is what I've come up with:                                             


My dad has a friend who has a 60something white Camero that we're hoping he'll drives us from the ceremony to the reception in. This is a picture of the type of car in red to give you an idea:



Well, almost anything can fit this bill. My dress, veil, garter, hair stuff, earrings.

My mom and dad have thier "bride" and "groom" toasting glasses that they're going to let me borrow. They've got a funky flower thing wrapped around the base but my mom is okay with us taking that off and wrapping it in red ribbon.                                                                                                                       

Got two things for this one. My engagement ring has two blue diamonds and the garter I'm hoping to buy has a small blue ribbon sown inside.                                                                                                              
What happened to the Spartanburg wedding? Weren't you in love with it?

I still am. But I've discovered this fact: A Hartsville wedding is about $2000 cheaper than one in Spartanburg and since I'm not paying for the wedding myself, its a fact I have to come to terms with-quickly. It won't be the wedding of my dreams (of course not- that involves castles and kilts or an ice hotel) or my more realistic dreams (in Morningside and perhaps with a photobooth ) but I think we can make it something special. After all, its not the location thats the most important but the handsome man standing with me at the altar and the gorgeous women standing ip to support me.                                                                           



  1. I agree, When you look back on it, you won't remember these little details that had to be sacrificed (at least I hope not), you'll remember that you spilt something on your dress, or it had rained the night before and a huge drop fell off the roof and into your boobs, or that someone painted your car all over with car paint, or that I was laughing in every photo and it took forever. You won't remember that there was a venue you liked better that would have made everything different, because the people are what you're going to remember best. Cheer up, Chin up, this venue looks lovely too, and it'll be even better without any Southern Baptists inside.

  2. haha. thanks darling. I know, its just a little sad to let go off the "dream". But I am excited about having it here. There are perks to it. Like, ya'll can all spend the night at my parents house with me, borrowing that awesome car, and the potential to have real flowers! If only I can find a DJ! (Don't jinx me with the spills!)


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