Thursday, 30 September 2010

P is for Productive Procrastination

(I am finally back on the band wagon? Its only been what...a month? Whoops.)

My freshman roomate and I like to think we coined this term.

Productive Procrastination is putting off doing on task (in our case, homework/studying) but not spending the time idly. I am becoming a champion at this. I will clean, do wedding projects, run errands, clean out my desk, organize my recipes, fill out requests for samples, write blogs, make cards and about anything else to avoid doing my homework.

I've been worse than usual since I've returned from Scotland (I think I adopted the wrong end of their carefree attitude) and this semester, with my developing case of senoritis (and the fact that most of my classes are GEPS and not major classes), I've become the champion of productive procrastinators.

What about you? Is there anything you avoid by doing other necessary things first? Or do you get the worst over with in the beginning?


  1. I volunteer at a Hospice, and we are supposed to visit out patients 4 times a month... some months I procrastinate and just go 4 times the last week of the month. I just figure, "well, at least I go!."

  2. I NEVER get the worst over first. Like ever. I love the term productive procrastination. Although, fun fact while I was just writing this I realized that nothing that I do or have to do is the "worst" I don't want to do any of them equally as much. Therefore I spend my time blogging, reading blogs, reading books or scrap booking! Or simply sitting on my ass and doing nothing! UGH! I'm getting better though! :)

  3. Generally speaking I do the worst things first however if my bedroom gets super untidy... Yeah I can go days avoiding it even to the point of cleaning other rooms first haha

  4. I love that term -- it's so true! I may not get to things I should, like housecleaning (which I loathe!). But it's not because I'm watching Spongebob!!!


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