Sunday, 5 September 2010

Getting on the Ball

Getting to know YOU

Ya'll I promise to get back on the blogging ball as soon as I get back into a routine. Today I'm going to share my to-do list for the week and answer the GTKY questions.

First up, my to do list:

1. Attend all classes (Bio, Bio Lab, New Testament, Graphic Design, Feature Writing, Integrated Marketing Communications) and knock out all homework.
2. Start writing my article for the college's paper.
3. Prepare a recipe for the college paper.
4. Help out at the Involvement Fair
5. Pick up my cap and gown!!
6. Go to an internship interview.
7. Attend a 31 Gifts Party.
8. Shop for wedding shoes.
9. Buy some back to school, basic supplies.
10. Cooridnate a dinner "date" with Mr. Groom and my parents.
11. Type all of the guest list addressess.
12. Workout!!
13. Work on my Korea photobook. (ie harrass mr. groom into giving me his pictures)

Yeah, I think thats plenty for now. Now, for GTKY

1. Do you like seafood?

2. Are mermaids hot?
3. Have you swam in the ocean?
yes, I love the Ocean

4. If you got stung by a jellyfish, would you let a stranger pee on you?
Do I have to? Is there no one I know?

5. Have you ever pee'd in the ocean?

As a child

6. Can you make a cute fish face? (Show a pic..if you want)

Nope :(
7. When you see the lobster tank at the grocery store do you just have this overwhelming urge to set them free or cook them up?


8. Are you afraid of sharks?
Um, yes. Who isn't?


  1. Awesome! Thanks for linking up :) And good luck shopping for your wedding shoes. I found that that was the HARDEST for me and in the end I got mine from TJ Maxx!

  2. Oh wedding planning! I don't even know where to start! Good thing I have over a year! =D

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Good luck at crossing off that list! Remember, one thing at a time -- don't get overwhelmed. You can do it! :-)

  4. I'm exhausted just reading the "to do" list! Good luck!!!


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