Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap

I recieved many fabulous items in the mail when I was in South Korea. One of those items was a bar of goat's milk soap from Creamy Creek.

My roomate and I  both used the soap. We both liked that the soap smelled nice but wasn't over bearing. I hadn't used bar soap in quite a while so I was expecting to feel a scummy feeling. Not the case. My hands felt clean, and even soft- not dry like I was expecting.

The little information card that came with the soap says that because of the soap's simple, recognizable ingredients and low PH it is great for sensitive skin and people undergoing chemotherapy.

Creamery Creek offers a wide variety of scents from Bayberry Rum to Pineapple Blossom. All soaps are $5 a bar.

"Lyric" and I are both loving this soap and will probably order more once our sample runs out. Now, we just have to get a cute soap dish!

* Disclaimer: I was given a free sample of Creamery Creek Soap in exchange for a review.


  1. Oh this sounds fabulous! Going to check them out now!

  2. Oh, how absolutely luxuriant! It sounds wonderful ... :)


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