Saturday, 25 September 2010

Catching a Breath....But Only One!

kenYa'll days and weeks are flying by over here. Its like someone set SC on to warpspeed. I'm taking tests and turning in papers and attending meetings left and right!

I'm interning at Hub City Press, arranging service projects for a club at school and helping edit the school paper. And keeping up with wedding planning and social activites. It is darn near exhausting.

This weekend has been fabulous though. Mr. Groom came down Thursday after and we went to one of his favorite places for dinner- WAFFLE HOUSE. Ya'll those pecan waffles are pretty darn delicious. We just hung out and relaxed around the hotel room.

Friday we went and applied for a marriage liscense! And later in the day had dinner with my family. I was suprised at how well everyone behaved and how painless the entire experience was.

Today we went and picked up my cleaned and tightened engagement ring at the mall, bought him some pants, ate Korean food for lunch, took a long nap and then met up with three of my bridesmaids for dinner and conversation. (And the Amish baked goods that Mr. Groom brought down from PA).

He's leaving tomorrow after church to continue the job search. I've had such a great weekend I don't want him to leave just yet (This is the first time we've been together since we've been home from Korea) but I know that soon we'll be together for quite a long time. Keep him in your prayers as he drives back.


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend. You needed that to help you prepare for this upcoming hectic week. How is Mr. Groom's health by the way? Any more updates on that? So glad that your family dinner went well and that you had some quality time with your future husband. And yes, you're right - you'll be with him all the time soon enough.... I feel like I blinked and now I'm eight years into my marriage. And I mean that in a good way! :-)

  2. He's doing fine as of now. They think he just has a stomach ulcer and has a colonscopy scheduled for the end of October. Otherwise, he's doing quite well. Thanks for asking!


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