Tuesday, 14 September 2010

College is Offically in Session...

(Does that mean I could have skipped class last week? )

We had opening convocation today, which traditionally means we get all dressed up and go listen to a few speeches and then feast on fried chicken on the lawn.

This year was different. This year we're SENIORS! And this year was the best year yet.

We spent last night decorating the campus in red. My class is the Red Devil Class of 2011 (Odd years are red devils, even pink panthers) My group of friends was responsible for decorating the rock and the fountains.

Aren't we cute

Pretty good for nongangsters....

I promise I have shorts on.

This morning we filed into the assembly wearing our graduation gowns and red devil gear. I almost teared up walking down that aisle. The entire room was silent as we entered and our little sister class was waving red pom poms in the air. There was an intense feeling of love, support , and sisterhood. As we began to file into our seats they erupted into cheers and shouts and we joined in with them.

Waiting to line up

Tail shot

The speech was given by an amazing, friendly and somewhat eccentric professor, who began by handing out speaking rubrics to his faculty  (which he mispronuced as phallic) colleagues. He then asked us to wait a minute while he went and grabbed someone. He came back carrying a cardboard cut out of Jacob Black.  He told us it was because he knew a full moon was around (Full Moon is the secret group of senior pranksters). We all howled with laughter and he occasioanlly referenced Jacon in his speech.

I almost teared up when we sang the alma mater, and when we filed out and the pompoms were again waved.

I love the women I've met here and have never regretted my decision to attend an all women's college. I've loved every minute of my time here. Its a bittersweet experience for me because I know I will not be here in the Spring for all of the senior celebrations with these fabulous women and the Converse traditions. I'm trying to soak up everything I can semester, to make every minute a memory.

I love all of these ladies!

The roomies: "Lyric", K10, Me

Me and my "little sister"


  1. Thats cool... I like all those awesome traditions. I miss college. I wish I was still an undergrad.

  2. How fun! Great photos! Thank you for sharing them. You're beautiful! Yes, by all means, soak it all in..... because ten years later you may wish you had done more/seen more, experienced more like I do! Enjoy these mostly care free moments with true friends before the crazy daily grind sets in. Have a wonderful year, you devil you! :)


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