Monday, 27 September 2010

Another Week of Running

The beginning of my week is jam packed but I'm hoping that the end of it is relatively calm. I need a calm end of the week to help my catch up on all of the projects- school and wedding wise- that I need to complete.

1. Address the remaining wedding invitations.
2. Do a wedding planning update post.
3. All classes, homework and tests (can you believe I have midterms this week?)
4. Editoral Board Meeting- school paper
5. Call Soup Kitchen
6. Make appt with health center to discuss smoke issues.
7. Poetry Reading
8. Send my mom a birthday card.
9. Pick up my marriage liscense.
10. Complete my logo design project
11. Write my article for the paper.
12. Print my pictures
13. Start my ring bearer pillows
14.  Update Project Serve's service board
15. Write the service newsletter.

What's on your todo list this week?

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