Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Where I Live

This post was inspired by a Mama Kat's writing prompt.

My door has been decorated with Lyric's favorite quotes

Our big closet is so amazing that I randomly walk into it and wonder "hmm...what can I do in here?"

My messy desk is well, messy.

My baby fridge is covered in word poetry and handmade magnets.

And our bathroom is covered in Lyric's rubber ducky collection.

If you wonder about anything you see, or want to see some other things just let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness! I had a rubber ducky collection, complete with the complete bathroom accessories! (shower curtain, toilet scrubber, soap dishes, trashcan, towels.. etc!) I loved being a grown up with a kids bathroom!

  2. Oh this makes me remember my college dorm. Even though it was always super messy

  3. I love your pictures of you sitting on the floor watching the cake bake. My oldest granddaughter would sit in front of my oven saying, "cookie, cookie, cookie." - one of her first words, that reminded me of her.


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