Saturday, 23 October 2010

Quick Update

Fall Break went by way yoo quickly. I'm trying to come up with an effective posting schedule that fits into my schedule but is more frequent that I have been. Because I have been really slack lately. I am thinking about getting some guetposts to fill in for me while I'm on my honeymoon (December 19th-26th), but I know its a busy time of year. If you're interested give me a shout! I'll be guest posting on Mandy's blog next week.

But here's what I've been up to:

Classes and Homework.. This is the worst semester of my college career. My classes stink, and somehow I'm close to flunking Bio 101, even though I can tell you almost everything we discuss. Something about those tests....

Wedding Planning. Totally more fun than classes and homework, and thankfully, taking up less and less time as we get closer. Mike's booked us a room at Niagra Falls and we'll be honeymooning there. He's taking care of all of the details. RSVPs roll in every day and my father's family is throwing me a bridal shower on November 6th. I think I've settled on a centerpiece idea and I'm working on buying all of the pieces (bought eiffel tower candles from hobby lobby last night).

I've still got to find something to hold my post cards, make programs, make nail and makeup appointments, make a cd of the prelude music, finish writing my vows, wrap my bridesmaid gifts, try out my hairstyle, buy sparklers and make the centerpieces for the food table. And possibly convince my dad to make me a photobooth area. My dad's taking care of the alcohol and search for a cake table and Mike is dealing with tuxes.

Being Supportive. Mike threw his back out when he sneezed the other day. He also found a job but in the three weeks that he's had it  they have not been able to get in all of the training videos for him to watch. So he's spent all of his time off searching for a more reliable job. Yesterday, he got called for an interview for a state job. Its consistent work and better paying and offers better advancement opportunities, so please keep him in your prayers.

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