Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fall Break is finally here!

Fall Break is here and, naturally, I've been sick since Wednesday. If I'm not better by Monday I'll head to the doctor, but I'm thinking its just a cold that needs a good butt kicking.

I took my final midterm Friday morning and then drove to my parents house, where've I managed to nap, do some fun reading, suck down popsicles and actually get some reading for classes done.

This afternoon I went for my dress alteration appointment. I'm getting my dress shortened, bustled and taken in (Thank you, Korea), all for $50.

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with all of the grandchildren on my Dad's side of the family to have our portrait taken for my grandmother's Christmas card, doing some more homework and napping.

Monday and Tuesday I want to make some Christmas Cards and lay out the table set up for the wedding reception. Hopefully, by Tuesday afternoon I'll have all my homework done and be rested up enough to head back to school and finish out the week

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better and that you were able to enjoy your break from school! When you return, you should find a package waiting for you in reception area! That should make you feel good again! :-)


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